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If you want to learn methods to maintain your oral health, then good oral hygiene is a necessary step. Good habits for ensuring your dental hygiene in Halifax include brushing twice per day and flossing to remove the harmful plaque from your gums. If you do not floss, you miss about 40% of your tooth’s surface. Additionally, if plaque isn’t removed daily, it can gradually build up and lead to decay or gum disease. Besides daily brushing and flossing, maintaining a healthy diet will go far to supporting the health of your teeth and gums. This means eating plenty of vegetables and fruit while minimizing your exposure to junk food and sugary drinks can actually improve your oral health. But there is one more vital step to preserving your oral health: regular visits to your Halifax dentist

The Canadian Dental Association recommends that you have a checkup with your dentist every six months. These regular checkups allow your dentist in Halifax to check your teeth and gums for oral health problems such as cavities or periodontal disease that may otherwise go undetected. Despite your best efforts to keep your mouth healthy, oral health issues can still occur. Your dentist will carefully inspect your oral tissues for oral health problems can treat them promptly if any are discovered.
Dr. Daniel Tam offers many services to treat your needs for dental hygiene in Halifax to maintain your oral health:

Fluoride treatments: To prevent decay and keep your teeth in optimal condition, our fluoride treatments contain higher amounts of fluoride compared to over-the-counter dental products so can offer your teeth more protection.

Gum therapy: If you have gum disease, our non surgical gum therapy can help eliminate the harmful bacteria that has built up below the gumline. Our gum therapy treatments include medication, curettage, and root-planing to help stop the chronic source of infection and allow your gum tissues to heal.

Breath freshening treatments: If you’re suffering from halitosis (chronic bad breath), our breath freshening treatments can help you reduce the severity of the unwanted odour.

Dr Daniel Tam, your dentist in Halifax, and our hygienist team will ensure that we do what we can to protect your oral health. Contact us today at 902-420-0001 or request an appointment online. We offer direct billing and nearby parking for your convenience.
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Last Updated On 2020-12-04