Implant Supported Dentures - Direct Billing Dentist in Halifax

One common complaint that patients have with dentures is that they frequently become loose or fall out. This can be embarrassing when speaking and eating out in public. As a way to prevent this, we are happy to offer implant supported dentures to keep your implants securely in place.

As the name implies, implant supported dentures are anchored down by implants so they won’t slip out when speaking or chewing. The implants are embedded into your jawbone, and once the tissues have fully healed, are fused with your bone tissues. Additional procedures are required to expose the implant's tops so that they can be attached with the denture. Special attachments are placed on the implants and denture to ensure a secure fit. The entire process to place the implants can take several months since the tissues need time to heal.

The number and location of implants needed will depend on the person. However, implants are usually placed in the lower jaw since dentures can usually stay in place in the upper jaw without implants. Depending on your case, your dentist will make a recommendation where the implants should be placed.

Once you have the implants placed and the dentures created, it’s important to remove and clean them to keep them in optimal shape. In addition, good oral hygiene, such as brushing, is required to keep your existing teeth and gum tissues healthy.

Wondering if implant supported dentures are suitable for you? Contact Dr. Daniel Tam to set up an appintment today.

Last Updated On 2021-10-25