Root Canal Therapy in Halifax

When a tooth is heavily decayed, damaged, or injured, you may need more than a bonded filling to help restore it. In cases like this, root canal therapy may be needed to prevent a tooth from dying.

Inside the centre of your tooth there is a soft tissue called “dental pulp” which extends all the way down to your tooth’s root. Dental pulp is a sensitive tissue that contains many nerve endings and blood vessels. Healthy dental pulp keeps your tooth functioning properly. However, in the event that the dental pulp becomes injured, it can die and compromise the entire health of your tooth. This can be caused by severe decay or injury to the tooth. As a result of this damage, you may experience, pain, swelling, infection, or even the development of cysts. If the problematic dental pulp is not removed, the entire tooth can die.

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Root canal therapy allows the Halifax dentist to safely remove the dental pulp in order to preserve the well-being of your tooth. It is then cleaned, filled, and then capped off with a crown.

Depending on your individual circumstance, a root canal treatment can take several sessions to properly treat the infected tooth. Following an in-depth examination, the dentist in Halifax will carefully make an opening in your tooth and remove the dental pulp causing the concern. The inner root canal is cleaned and then refilled with a dental material. After this, the tooth is resealed and a dental restoration such as a crown, is adhered to the tooth to help strengthen and protect it.

To keep your teeth healthy, it is vital to practice good oral hygiene. This means a minimum of brushing twice per day and flossing daily, but you should also visit your dentist every six months. Additionally, be careful when chewing hard foods to avoid damaging your teeth. To inquire further about root canal therapy, contact Dr. Daniel Tam as your dentist in Halifax today.
Last Updated On 2021-10-25