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The Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the muscle which connects your upper and lower jaw. The TMJ is important for jaw movements and is largely what gives you the ability to perform daily actions such as opening and moving your jaw. Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD) is a condition that impacts many Canadians at various ages. It causes uncomfortable and painful symptoms when the TMJ becomes injured or impaired. When the TMJ develops problems it can create symptoms such as popping or clicking sounds in the jaw area, but can also cause pain or discomfort. The main cause of TMJ is still unknown, however, doctors speculate that injury, stress, and genetics may have a role to play.

TMD can impact people in different ways. One person may have entirely different symptoms from another person. Thus, if you are experiencing problems in the area around your jaw, it is best to visit your Halifax dentist for an examination. Your dentist will examine your oral tissues and go over your symptoms and medical/dental history to help determine if you have TMD.

Some common symptoms of TMD include:
  1. Pain in your jaw joint and muscles
  2. Your jaw occasionally feeling stuck
  3. Difficulty moving your lower jaw in different ways (eg. up and down, side to side)
  4. Frequent headaches
  5. Discomfort when chewing or yawning
  6. Pain in your ear or a ringing noise
Depending on your individual case and symptoms, your dentist in Halifax will create a treatment plan to suit your needs. Your treatment plan will vary depending on the exact cause of the disorder as well as the specific symptoms that it is causing. Some of the recommended treatments your Halifax dentist may offer are:
  1. Applying moist heat to relax your tense jaw muscles
  2. Taking pain relievers
  3. Wearing an oral appliance such as a stabilization splint while sleeping to protect against teeth grinding and clenching
  4. Relaxing and stretching exercises to help with tight jaw muscles
  5. In some cases, surgery
Dr. Daniel Tam is committed to helping you relieve your TMJ pain. Contact our practice to set up an appointment and take steps to relieving your symptoms.
Last Updated On 2021-10-25